Year Groups

Year 6

Spring Term in Year 6 - Half termly letter


We are very excited by the story of Floodland and have 2 more weeks of reading and writing to complete. We will be focusing on writing a discussion text on whether or not we feel Dooby is a great leader. Following this, we will begin our study of Macbeth – this is always a highlight in Year 6!


Spring 2 is a very important term for maths learning in Year 6; we will begin the half-term by studying ratio and proportion and the difference between the two. We will then begin statistical analysis and complete the half-term by beginning geometry as SATs fast approach.


In science, we will continue our focus on electricity by conducting investigations using various components. We will then look closely at Light as this links in well. We will continue to plan and carry out our own experiments.


We will be studying networks and how information travels which links well with the safer internet work we have done. We will look at how the internet works and the key components of it.


Our topic question this term continues to be: “What is the greatest threat to our world?”

So far we have designed, built and evaluated our own shelters to protect from natural disasters. We will continue to carry out an in depth study of topical issues around the world which affect the globe today. We will also carry out case studies of specific natural disasters.


In Art, we are going to create art linked to our topic of global threats, with a focus on natural disasters. We will do some art using scraperboard to create illustrations in the style of the author of Floodland, Marcus Sedgwick. Art week is coming too and we will be engaging in creative art and design on the theme of Scotland: Legacy and Legend!


We will be learning to sing ‘Happy,’ a song written and performed by Pharrell Williams. The song was famously a theme in the Despicable Me films and should be fun to learn and perform!


We will be continuing to focus in managing stress and mindfulness in preparation for exams this year and developing a positive mind set.


Year 6 will keep working on how to ask for the price using numbers over 100 and clothing vocabulary. We will also learn new words about cities, using the most famous Spanish towns to help us.


PE will be focusing on dance and invasion sports. Please continue to bring the appropriate kit to school ready for use at any time in the school week.


In RE we will be starting a study of Christianity where we will focus on places of worship and important symbols linked to the religion linked to objects found in a church.

Trips and Special Events

We have not been able to book a trip to the Science museum as yet as we are looking for a worthwhile workshop. We are always looking to see what high-quality experiences are available. We have booked a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe for after Easter, however.


PE will be on Friday afternoons (subject to change). Please make sure your child’s kit is in school on this day, but it should stay in school the whole time and only be taken home at half term as the timetable frequently changes.

Please continue to support your child with their spellings at home and remind them that they should ask the class teacher if they are finding any of their homework tricky. There will be lots of revision-based tasks set between now and the SATs tests in May so please keep on top of this. Many thanks.