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Year 6

Summer Term in Year 6 - Half termly letter


Summer 1 is a vital term. SATs week is in the week of the 13th May and so we will spend lots of this half-term revising key learning and developing our strategies further. As well as preparing the children educationally, we will be supporting them with resilience and perseverance so that the children have the best possible training for the exam week.


Please continue to support your child with their spellings at home and remind them that they should ask the class teacher if they are finding any of their homework tricky. There will be lots of revision-based tasks set between now and the SATs tests in May so please keep on top of this. A reminder that all children must be in school for SATs week.


We will continue to study Shakespeare’s Macbeth closely this term before moving onto our next text. We will be writing a biography about Shakespeare himself. We will be teaching the children to build up their writing stamina by extending our writing over longer periods.

We will then begin our work on the book, ‘Way Home’. We will use this text to explore different dialects and aim to include dialect in our writing. We will write a diary entry, a persuasive letter and a narrative.


We will spend lots of this half-term revising key learning: number skills such as column methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication; multiplying and dividing fractions; translation and reflection and statistical analysis. We will complete our work on statistics where we will analyse various data, graphs and charts.


In science, we will complete our study of electricity by using different components to build and evaluate circuits. We will then move on to our unit of light in which we will carry out various experiments. We will explore the direction in which light travels and what happens when shadows are formed.


We will be exploring the idea of networking, tracing its origins and understanding the differences between the internet and the World Wide Web. We will be researching Tim Berners-Lee and learning about his contribution to technological advances.


We will continue our work on ‘What is the greatest threat to our world?’ by looking more closely at today’s headlines regarding natural disasters and war. We will then move on to our new topic question ‘Where Do I Come From?’ We will work on our own historical research skills with a focus on our families, home cities/countries and improving our geographical skills in a study of the local area of Wandsworth and comparing this to other places people in our class are from.


We will be completeing art and DT projects linked to our topic in the form of cookery and self-portraits.


We will be continuing to learn to sing ‘Happy’, a song written and performed by Pharrell Williams, as well as learning to play this on tuned instruments.  


We will be continuing to focus in managing stress and mindfulness, and developing a positive mindset as an ongoing area of focus.


We will learn the names of some vegetables grown in a garden and how to say which we like and dislike. We will learn how to describe the life cycle of a plant in Spanish and work on the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Children will continue to develop the language and vocabulary needed to work on a simple story and add to their knowledge of nouns in Spanish.


PE will be focusing on cricket and tennis. We will be practising the different skills both of these activities involve including hand-eye accuracy and effective fielding.


The focus for RE this term is Sikhism. We will learn to explain the difference between wrong and right using examples to evidence how different people’s beliefs can affect how they behave. We will use the idea of reincarnation to study this further. We will also explore Guru Nanak and compare him to other significant religious figures.

Trips and Special Events

SATs are the week commencing 13th May.


PE will be weekly (specific days are subject to change). Please make sure your child’s kit is in school on Monday of each week, and it should stay in school the whole time and only be taken home at half term as the timetable frequently changes.