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Year 6

Autumn Term in Year 6 - Half termly letter


For the first two weeks we will be embarking on a journey through performance poetry. We will study a variety of poems in detail and we will then choose whether or not to perform in a group or solo for the annual competition. We will then be looking at a true story of survival against the odds – ‘The Ice Trap’.


In Autumn 2 we will continue our studies of formal methods for multiplication and division, using our known times tables and number facts to support our understanding. We will then move into proportion, learning about fractions, decimals and percentages and their relationships with each other.


In science, we will be continuing to focus on all living things, especially the digestive and circulatory systems and the associated organs of the human body. We will also be studying the parts of plants and their functions in detail.


This half term we will focus on using Kodu software to create our own computer games. Our focus will be on building the game rather than playing it.


Our topic this term is to understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of the UK and Europe with a region within South America (Argentina)


In DT, we will be creating our own Viking felt pouches. We will design them, make them and evaluate our successes. For Art, we will study Linda Kitson, a war artist, and try to recreate her designs.


All the learning in this unit is focused around one song: ‘Bacharach Anorach’. We will: listen to and talk about the song ‘and other Jazz songs; learn and/or build on our knowledge and understanding about the features of music through vocal warm-ups, learning to sing the song, composing and improvising and work towards an in-class performance.


We are welcoming the Magistrates in the Community into our classes to do a workshop on the legal system. We also hope to cover aspects of keeping safe online. Autumn 2 also includes Anti-Bullying Week. This year’s theme is to choose respect over bullying. We will be exploring what respect means, how bullying is a behaviour choice, and how to respectfully disagree with others.


The children will continue to use the poem, La primavera, and the music from Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’. The poem is provided at the end of the unit. Through this they will learn what the weather is like, some Spanish geography, and the names of cities and significant landmarks.


PE will be taught by our sports coaches. 6D will be learning rugby and 6H will be learning netball. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school at all times.


In RE we will be continuing our study of Islam, focusing on the 5 pillars of Islam, places of worship and Islamic stories.

Trips and Special Events

Magistrates visit


Winter Celebration


PE will be on Tuesday afternoons (subject to change). Please make sure your child’s kit is in school on this day, but it should stay in school the whole time and only be taken home at half term as the timetable frequently changes.