Year Groups

Year 6

Autumn Termly Letter


We have started the term by using the story “There’s A Boy in the Girls Bathroom” as inspiration for a range of writing including writing in role, newspaper reports, script writing and diary entries.  We will also have daily whole class reading, a weekly spelling test, handwriting practice and grammar sessions to support your child’s literary development. With this in mind, the children will complete ‘Grammar Meetings’ every week which enables them to retain their knowledge and understanding of the extensive range of grammatical concepts they are expected to identify and use in their writing.

In Autumn 2, we will be embarking on a narrative based on the experiences of Sir Ernest Shackleton. We will be exploring further genres such as descriptive passages, continued narrative and developing the creation of written conversations using dialect to create different characters.


In maths, we will be continuing with the mastery approach and focusing on place value (including, representing numbers up to 10,000,000 in different forms, negative numbers, comparing, ordering and rounding in a variety of contexts) and addition and subtraction (including mental and written calculations of numbers greater than 5 digits and multi-step problems in real-life contexts). In addition, the children will have weekly times tables tests as the expectation is that all children in Year 6 should have fluent & rapid recall of all the times tables up to 12. In Autumn 2, we will continue our studies of formal methods for multiplication and division, using our known times tables and number facts to support our understanding. We will then move into proportion, learning about fractions, decimals, percentages, and their relationships with each other. In addition, the children will have weekly, timed arithmetic tests as well as regular ‘Maths Meetings’ during which the children are ‘reminded’ of the different concepts/ solving strategies they need to apply in their arithmetic.


In Science, we will begin by looking at the circulatory system and the associated organs of the human body – how they function together and how we look after them. In Autumn 2, we will carry out an in-depth study of living things, specifically classification. We will create interactive classification keys using PowerPoint and we will learn about micro – organisms through scientific inquiry and planned investigations. We will also be studying the parts of plants and their functions in detail also learning about famous Scientists in history whose work has proven invaluable to Science.


We will be using Purple Mash to learn about online safety; we will learn about safe searchers, reporting worries and protecting our privacy online. We will then move on to using Kodu to create our own complex computer games by creating advanced code.


Our topic question this term is: “What impact do invasions have on the world?”

We will learn about the Viking invasion in Britain and Ireland. Our historical learning will stem from learning about settlements, integration and conflict, and the effects of these upon British civilisation. Our geographical learning will be through using research and using atlases to explore where the Vikings came from and where they invaded. We will then move on to an in-depth study of World War 2 beginning with an overview of causes, key figures and the timeline of events and then focus our attention on the Home Front. We will explore what life was like for children in London during this period.


The art curriculum will link with our Topic as we will sketch in the style of war artists we will have studied. In DT we will be designing and making our own Viking cross-stich pictures We will also construct Viking long boat models and use different materials and painting styles to create Viking landscapes


Autumn 1 is focused around one song, ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams. We will listen, learn and discuss the song as well as carry out improvisation games based on the different dimensions of music and singing. In Autumn 2, we will look at Jazz and Blues. We will listen to examples and consider the historical background to this particular genre.


In PSHE, we will be looking at British values such as democracy and rule of law in conjunction with school council elections, house captaincies and prefects. We will be studying what it means to contribute to our school and wider community and we will be developing the necessary skills involved in being a valuable citizen. We are welcoming the Magistrates in the Community into our classes to do a workshop on the legal system. We also hope to cover aspects of keeping safe online.


In Spanish, the children will learn to describe seasons using a poem, La Primavera, and the music from Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’. Through this they will learn to talk about what the weather is like, some Spanish geography, and the names of cities and significant landmarks.


Our sports coaches will teach PE. This term we will be learning rugby and netball.

Year 6 have PE on Wednesday – please ensure that your child comes in every Wednesday, wearing their PE kit.


In RE, we will be focusing on Judaism during the Autumn Term, looking firstly at How Jews remember God and the Torah and then exploring the festival of Rosh Hashanah.

Trips and Special Events

Wandsworth Test VR & NVR – 23.09.21

Year 6 Meet the Teachers – 16.09.21

Viking Workshop  - 16.09.2

Paradise Co-op WW2 Orienteering Activity – Autumn 2 / Date TBC


Water fountains are not in use so please make sure your child has a named water bottle.

PE kits to be warn to school on Wednesday.