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Year 6

Summer Term in Year 6 - Half termly letter


We would like to start this letter by reflecting on the SATs. The children have all worked exceptionally well and we are so very proud of them. They conducted themselves excellently all week. The results come out in July and will be sent home with your child’s school report.


We will begin studying a classic poem, ‘The Lady of Shalott’, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. We will use the language to explore vocabulary and we will write a magazine article, a description of a setting and a narrative.


Our maths is focused on two projects between now and the end of term: Make £5 Grow and Theme Park Maths. The first element is all about enterprise. We have been provided with a loan from Virgin Money (sponsors) which will be passed onto the children. They shall use this money to build their own mini-business or ‘enterprise’. They will work in small groups to work on their idea as a team and make lots of profit which will, in some capacity, go back to the school.

The second element is a paired project where the children have a ‘budget’ with which to design a theme park. They must make the appropriate and accurate calculations for their accounts all the way through.


In science, we will begin our study of evolution and how living things are adapted to their environment. We will also develop scientific enquiry through investigation and classification.


We will begin to use Digimaps for Schools as a way of comparing locations linked to where we come from. We will use Chromebooks to produce and present work related to our findings. We will also be developing our coding skills using Purple Mash.


We will be continuing with our topic question, ‘Where Do I Come From?’ We will write an autobiography using research and information from our own families. We will then move on to exploring the Mayan civilisation. We will be looking at where and when this society existed and the reasons for its downfall.


We aim to produce art work linked to our topics. We will design our own Mayan masks and create  illustrations of various locations.


As we are sure you aware, we will be performing our end-of-year production in July (more details to come in due course). As a result, a lot of music/drama will be focusing on making this a show to remember!


We will also be providing sex and relationship education, using the Chris Winter Project materials. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can look on the website: The focus in Year 6 is: puberty, relationships and reproduction. We will also begin our Heartstart programme which will focus on what to do in emergencies such as cardiac arrest. Additionally, we plan to do some secondary school transition work with our Place2Be project manager.


What’s the news: In this unit children look at Spanish newspapers and talk about their favourite newspaper columns. They work together to produce texts for a class newspaper. They consolidate and celebrate what they have learnt during key stage 2.


PE will be focusing on our preparation for sports day. We will also take regular trips to the common where we will focus on rounders and other team games.


This term we will be learning about Sikhism.  We will compare Sikh places of worship and beliefs to other religions we have previously studied.

Trips and Special Events

Mon 24th June – Fri 28th June – PGL

Sports day – Friday 19th July

Monday 22nd July – Year 6 production 5pm


PE will be weekly (specific days are subject to change). Please make sure your child’s kit is in school on Monday of each week, and it should stay in school the whole time and only be taken home at half term as the timetable frequently changes.