Year Groups

Year 6

Summer Termly Letter


We are very excited to begin the summer term with Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We will use Shakespeare’s animated tales, along with selected scenes from the original play, to engage the children in Shakespearean language. We will reinforce writing objectives such as the consistent use of a variety of punctuation, varying our sentence structure and interweaving dialogue throughout a narrative to move a story along. We will develop stamina through extended pieces of writing through genres like monologue writing, biography, narrative, diary entries and magazine articles. We will start to focus on writing in the subjunctive mood, develop complex sentences with relative and embedded clauses, and using formal and informal language appropriately. We will then move on to ‘Way Home’, a picture book evoking high levels of inference and deduction.  We will build our own descriptions and narratives including all of the above skills.


We will begin the summer term by continuing our geometry learning. We will begin by revising key skills from Y5: properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, finding internal and external angles, using and applying knowledge of parallel lines, reflection, translation and using and applying our knowledge of coordinates. Once we have a strong foundation, we will develop our Y6 skills by finding the area of 2D and 3D shapes, finding the surface area and the volume of cubes and cuboids. We spend time problem solving with the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will then advance our skills by learning ratio, proportion and algebra. Towards the end of the summer term, we will carry out two exciting maths projects. ‘Make £5 grow’ is an entrepreneurial project created by Richard Branson, and ‘Theme Park Maths’ will help us to design our own Theme Park.


In Science, we will complete our study of electricity by using different components to build and evaluate circuits. We will develop prior knowledge by designing circuits for a purpose, using batteries, bulbs, wires and buzzers effectively. We will examining Scientists and Inventors who have contributed to our everyday lives such as Thomas Edison.


We will be exploring the idea of networking, tracing its origins and understanding the differences between the internet and the World Wide Web. We will be researching Tim Berners-Lee and learning about his contribution to technological advances.


We will begin the Summer term by looking at the Mayan civilization of Central America. We will be examining their society, language and how the built an advanced community. We will explore their pace in history and place it on a timeline in comparison to topics learnt throughout the school. We will then explore the geography of Mexico in relation to the rest of the Southern Hemisphere and our location in the UK.

We will then focus closer to home by considering ‘Where do I come from?’  We will think about where our families come from and how and why they chose to settle. We will also use DigiMap to explore maps from different periods in history and how our borough has changed over time.


We will be completing art and DT projects linked to our topic in the form of cookery and self-portraits. We will design and create Mayan masks and we will explore Mayan food and make some of our own.

We will also follow the ‘Make £5 grow’ project to learn about money, buying and selling.


We will be continuing to learn to sing ‘Happy’, a song written and performed by Pharrell Williams, as well as learning to play this on tuned instruments. We will be developing our signing voices by learning a variety of different songs for our school performance.


We will be continuing to focus in managing stress and mindfulness, and developing a positive mindset as an ongoing area of focus. We will also be addressing the transition to Secondary school through sharing opinions and questions and being able to research our new schools. In whole class reading, we will use ‘101 ways to prepare for secondary school’ to expose the children to the differences and similarities their new settings will bring. We will also work on secondary school transfer booklets, using Chromebooks to research our new school websites.

We will also be providing sex and relationship education, using the Chris Winter Project materials. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can look on the website: The focus in Year 6 is puberty, relationships and reproduction. A reminder that there is one lesson that was shared in the parent presentation, that you can withdraw your child from. Please see the parent mail from Mr Heale.


We will learn the names of some vegetables grown in a garden and how to say which we like and dislike. We will learn how to describe the life cycle of a plant in Spanish and work on the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Children will continue to develop the language and vocabulary needed to work on a simple story and add to their knowledge of nouns in Spanish.


PE will be focusing on cricket and tennis. We will be practising the different skills both of these activities involve including hand-eye accuracy and effective fielding.


This term we will be revising our knowledge of Buddhism: meditation, the daily life of a Monk and who Buddha was. We will also look at Humanism and how people perceive the start of the world and creation as a scientific process.

Trips and Special Events

PGL is now booked for 28th June to 2nd July – this, of course, is subject to Government guidance.


PE is on a Friday for both classes however 6H will have an additional PE lesson on a Monday with Mr V.  Children can all wear their PE kit on a Friday and 6H can wear their PE kit on a Monday too.