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Year 6

Spring Term in Year 6 - Half termly letter


This half–term we will begin our study of Macbeth – this is always a highlight in Year 6! We will aim to allow the children lots of opportunities to write creatively, whilst also exploring the range of vocabulary that Shakespeare used. We will cover the following texts: discussion, narrative, monologue, poetry and biography.


Spring 2 is a very important term for maths learning in Year 6; we will begin the half-term by studying algebra in order to represent general rules and allow the children to develop their reasoning skills. We will then begin geometry as SATs fast approach, focussing on circles, translation and reflection.


In Science, we focus on electricity by conducting investigations using various components. We will then look closely at Light as this links in well. We will continue to plan and carry out our own experiments. We also very much look forward to Science week which will give us an opportunity to explore different concepts and build and experiment with different resources.


We will be using IMovie to create trailers for Macbeth to link to our English curriculum. We will continue to use Chromebooks in our daily research.


Our topic question this term continues to be: “What is the greatest threat to our world?”

So far we have designed, built and evaluated our own shelters to protect from natural disasters. We will continue to carry out an in depth study of topical issues around the world which affect the globe today. We will also carry out case studies of specific natural disasters.


In Art, we are going to create art linked to our topic of global threats, with a focus on natural disasters. We will also create some still scenes from Macbeth.


We will be learning to sing ‘Happy,’ a song written and performed by Pharrell Williams. The song was famously a theme in the Despicable Me films and should be fun to learn and perform!


We will be continuing to focus in managing stress and mindfulness in preparation for exams this year and developing a positive mind set. After mental health week we will continue to study the difference between physical and mental health and what we need to do to stay healthy.


This half term the children will learn to discuss their musical preferences and way which instruments they play.  We will learn an adaptation of the song ‘I am the Music Man’.  Working in groups the children will create a rap or song for a performance and explain what musical instrument they are going to play.


PE will be focusing on dance and invasion sports. Please continue to bring the appropriate kit to school ready for use at any time in the school week.


In RE we will be carrying out our second day of Judaism focussing on places of worship and drawing similarities between different religions.

Trips and Special Events

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March

Science Day – Friday 15th March



Please remember to send children to school with their full PE kits on Monday afternoon.