Year Groups

Year 6

Spring Termly Letter


We will be beginning our new text – Floodland. The text links to our topic and allows us to write in lots of different ways, starting with a persuasive letter in role of one of the main characters. We will continue to use the story in order to complete a discussion text, instructions, narrative with dialogue and detailed piece of descriptive prose. As well as the main text, we will also continue to work on our grammar and reading comprehension focus. We will then begin our study of Macbeth – this is always a highlight in Year 6! We will aim to allow the children many opportunities to write creatively, whilst also exploring the range of vocabulary that Shakespeare used. We will cover the following texts: discussion, narrative, monologue, poetry and biography.


In Spring, we will be studying decimals, percentages and measurements and applying these skills to problem solving. In the later part of the half term, we will begin to look more closely at general rules in preparation for the teaching of algebra. In the second half of the term, we will study algebra in more depth and allow the children to develop their reasoning skills. We will then build on these skills as we teach ratio and proportion. We will then study geometry, focussing on circles, translation and reflection.


In Science, we will be looking first at Light: How light travels, how it is reflected, how rainbows and prisms are created and the concept of refraction and we will construct items to support our exploration. During the second half of the term, the focus moves to electricity. As well as revising previous knowledge, we will look at famous scientists involved in this area as well as learning to draw accurate scientific symbols to represent the different components within an electrical circuit.


We will be using iMovie on iPads to create our own films about our topic, ‘What is the greatest threat to our world?’ in our study of the information technology and media aspect of Computing. We will then use the programme to create trailers for Macbeth to link to our English curriculum. We will continue to use Chromebooks in our daily research.


Our topic question this term is: “What is the greatest threat to our world?” We will carry out an in-depth study of topical issues around the world which affect the globe today such as war, famine and natural disasters. We will carry out specific case studies, from most recent natural disasters, to significant disasters in history.


In Art, we are going to create artwork linked to our topic of global threats, with a focus on natural disasters. Furthermore, in DT, we will be designing and making model earthquake shelters and testing their strength and durability in earthquake-like conditions. We will design our product by learning how to create a technical drawing, we will reflect on our design process by conducting detailed evaluations at both the mid-point and completion of the project.


We will be learning to sing ‘A New Year Carol’, an example of a ‘Friday Afternoon’ song written for school children in Wales in the 1930s (which they got together and performed on Friday afternoons!) by the composer, Benjamin Britten. We will then be learning to sing ‘Happy,’ a song written and performed by Pharrell Williams.


We will be focusing on managing stress and mindfulness in preparation for exams this year. We will study the difference between physical and mental health and think about what we need to do to stay healthy.


In this unit children learn to name the planets. They construct sentences using verbs, nouns, adjectives and qualifying adverbs. The will learn to retrieve information from extended descriptions about the planets, write in accurate Spanish, showing attention to adjectival agreement and demonstrate creativity and imagination in their use of language.


PE will be partly taught by our sports coaches. This will include some gymnastics, focusing on routines, positions and landings. It will also incorporate working with a partner to create a synchronised routine. We also continue developing our skills in team sports through hockey.


This term we will focus on Sikhism by answering our key question, ‘Who were the Gurus?’

We will learn about Guru Gobind Singh and War and then learn about gender equality.

Trips and Special Events

Wimbledon Gurdwara

Volcano / Mountain Workshop

All Trips TBC


PE will be on Wednesday afternoons (subject to change). Please make sure your child comes into school wearing their PE kit on Wednesdays.  We will let you know in advance if the day changes.