Year Groups

Year 5

Autumn Termly Letter


We have started the term by using Shaun Tan’s “The Arrival” as inspiration for our writing including letters, descriptions and diary entries. Later this term, we will be studying ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty, which has great links to our topic. We will use this text to inspire the writing of narratives, scripts, descriptions and diary entries. In Autumn 2, we will look at another ‘Power of Reading’ text, ‘Clockwork’ by Phillip Pullman. This story will help us to develop skills in descriptive writing, writing in role and non-fiction writing. We will continue to have Whole-class Reading, spelling, handwriting and grammar sessions to support your child’s literacy development.


In the autumn term, we will be using NCETM resources to help deliver our maths mastery curriculum. We will mainly be focusing on decimal fractions, which teaches children place value in more depth, both in terms of parts of wholes represented as fractions and decimal numbers, tenths and hundredths. This will have a theme of measurement and some geometry incorporated throughout so that these concepts are taught in context. We will also do work with money, negative numbers as well as honing our skills in short multiplication and division, completing arithmetic-style calculations, as well as reasoning and problem-solving in real-life contexts.  

In addition, the children will have weekly times tables tests as the expectation is that all children in Year 5 should have fluent recall of all the times tables up to 12. Whilst we will do work in school to teach times tables, it will only be of real benefit if the children also spend a little bit of time most days at home reciting and rehearsing them - please ensure they do this. It is a fundamental part of maths.


This term, we will look at forces. We will identify the side effects of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction that act between moving surfaces.  We will be able to identify opposing forces and carry out nvestigations to show the effects they have and what influences them.

We will also recognise that some mechanisms including levers, pulleys and gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect. We will also link our science and topic learning and explore the great discoveries and inventions of the Victorian age, profiling scientists and engineers from a range of backgrounds including Ada Lovelace and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


In Autumn 1, we will use Purple Mash software to teach children about online safety or ‘e-safety’. This will ensure they stay ‘SMART’ online and understand why we need to be careful using the internet.

In Autumn 2, we aim to use the Hopscotch app on the iPads to create a Victorian-themed game using coding skills.


Our topic this term is the Victorians. This will be split into two ‘big questions’. The first half term will focus on the question “How has childhood changed since the Victorian era?’. This will teach pupils all about growing up in Victorian Britain and how the life of a Victorian child differs to what we experience today, linking to our English text, ‘Street Child’. Next half term, the big question will be ‘Why was the Victorian era so pivotal?’ Here we will focus on the technological developments in the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution, as well as touching on the British Empire.


Our DT focus this half term will be on making Victorian-inspired dolls houses out of shoeboxes – we would welcome the receipt of any materials you may have to help us with this! We will focus on cross-sectional drawing, joining and finishing, as well as evaluating a product.

In Autumn 2, we will look at other visual arts from the Victorian period including silhouettes and the work of William Morris.


In Autumn 1, our focus will be the song ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by Bon Jovi – a classic! We will listen to and talk about the song, as well as other classic rock songs. We will also build on our knowledge and understanding about the features of music through vocal warm-ups, as well as learning to sing the song of course. We will also have a go at composing and improvising and work toward an in-class performance.

In Autumn 2, our focus is on jazz, looking at two tunes, Three Note Bossa and The Five Note Swing. We will listen to and talk about a variety of jazz tunes, and develop similar skills to those mentioned for Autumn 1, but with a jazz twist.


In PSHE, we will be following the ‘Mind Up’ scheme to re-introduce children to the functions and uses of each part of the brain. Over the course of the autumn term we will be investigating how our brains work, understand mindful awareness and the core practice of focused awareness. Throughout the day, we will also be having regular brain breaks to help maintain a calm and mindful approach.


Year 5 will continue with weekly Spanish lessons building on what they studied in previous years. The focus to start the year will be:Vamos al colegio’  (On the way to school) where they describe their route to school. In Autumn 2, they will move onto talking about ‘Nuestro colegio’ (Our school).


Our sports coaches will teach PE for this term. The focus this term will be on ball games such as netball and basketball, among others.


In RE we will be learning about Hinduism. We will be looking at Hindu beliefs about God and the world, specifically, their beliefs about reincarnation.

Trips and Special Events

Wednesday 15th September: Year 5 Meet the Teacher session on Zoom (9:30am – 10:00am)

We are looking into booking more trips so please keep an eye out for more information.


Please make sure your child comes into school in their PE kit on Tuesday each week.

Mathletics is set each Monday to be completed by the following Monday.

Speed Tables each Friday – please encourage your child to practise.

Talking Homework each Friday – please discuss with your child.