Year Groups

Year 5

Summer Termly Letter


Our text in Summer 1 is the classic poem, ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. We will spend time learning about the story, looking at the vocabulary and images to enhance our understanding of the story as we progress. We will be writing a letter as Bess to the Highwayman, a narrative to retell the story and a recount. We also hope to spend time looking at ‘A midsummers night’s dream’ to introduce children to Shakespeare to prepare them for Year 6. In Summer 2, we plan to look at The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton & Daniel Morden, linking our topic and literacy learning. This retelling of tales from Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey relate to the adventures of the legendary hero Odysseus as he returns home to his kingdom Ithaca after the Trojan War. Children will gain an understanding of classic stories with many links and references in contemporary culture and continue to develop their skills as storytellers. As well as writing stories, children will write in role as a character, non-chronological reports, newspaper articles and poetry.


In Summer 1, we will be covering aspects of geometry. Children will learn about acute, obtuse and reflex angles, as well as the drawing, measuring, estimating and comparing of angles. They will revise and develop their knowledge of 3D shapes, using the known properties of shapes to deduce other facts, distinguishing between regular and irregular polygons. We will also touch upon the position of shapes, including reflection and translation. In Summer 2, children will start to convert between different metric units of measurement (e.g. m to cm, g to kg, l to ml), understand approximate equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints and solve problems involving converting between different units of time. Given the different year that we have due to COVID, we will also do significant work on strengthening the fundamental, key mathematical skills around number, such as formal multiplication and division, as well as revisiting areas such as fractions, decimals and percentages as we prepare our children for the demands of Year 6. Weekly times-tables tests will continue (all children should have fluent recall of all tables up to 12). Arithmetic tests will occur every other week and regular ‘Maths Meetings’ will continue in order to keep the required range of knowledge and skills sharp.


In Summer 1, we will complete our learning on properties and changes of materials. Children will use their knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating and explore this through experiments. In Summer 2, we will investigate Earth and Space. We will research the planets and moons of our solar system, describe the relationship between the earth and the moon, examine the changing of the seasons and how shadows change over time.


In Summer 1, we will be developing the children’s word processing skills in order for them to be able to add text, edit images and present information.

In Summer 2, we will continue to use the programme Sketch Up to design and create virtual 3D models of Greek temples. We will also use Google Sites to design an effective website on Ancient Greece.


Our topic question this term is: “Would you rather live in Ancient or Modern Greece?” This will spread over two half terms and we will learn about ancient Greek culture, legacy and art as well as the geography and tourism of modern Greece and compare various aspects of the two civilisations including the Olympics.


The art curriculum will link with our topic and science work and will include designing Greek statues and creating a planet mobile.


We hope to record our songs from the Vocal Project, with Wandsworth Music coming in to do this with us at the end of April. Instrumental sessions will continue and we will continue to utilise the Charanga software to teach children about different times and cultures around music, learning to sing and play songs throughout.


This term, we will continue our regular PSHE-focused class assemblies, looking at maintaining positive attitudes, friendships and mental health. We will also be covering the updated Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) scheme from the Chris Winter project. Our focus will be on changes, healthy relationships, puberty and the reproductive system.


We will be continuing with our bi-weekly 1-hour Spanish sessions this term with our Spanish teacher, Mrs Celero.


Our PE lessons will be on a Tuesday in summer term.  Please come into school wearing your PE kit.

The focus for the summer term will be on outdoor games and athletics, as well as the possibility of learning dance using the ‘Ballet Boyz’ scheme.


This term, we will be focusing on Islam to answer the question ‘What is the ummah?’ We will be investigating beliefs about God and Muhammad as well as looking into the Islamic belief of giving to charity.

Trips and Special Events

Given the times we find ourselves in, we will be looking to book in-school workshops when we can, most likely around our new topic about Ancient Greece.

Of course, we still very much hope to be able to go on the ‘Wildchild’ overnight trip (24th-25th June) and will continue to be in touch with you regarding this.


Mathletics will continue to be set each Monday for completion by the following Monday. Spellings will be tested each Friday too.

Formal homework (Maths and English) will be set on Thursday each week, to be handed in by the following Wednesday, as per the ParentMail you hopefully received a couple of weeks ago.