Year Groups

Year 4

Summer Term in Year 4 - Half termly letter


The first text we will be reading this half-term is “I was a Rat” by Philip Pullman and a non-fiction text about rivers which links to our topic. We will also continue to work on editing our writing to include more ambitious vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.


This half term we will explore statistics in detail. We will interpret data and create a variety of graphs (including bar charts and time graphs). We will also explore problem solving involving graphs. Next we will explore measurement by calculating area and perimeter.


We will continue looking at habitats and then move on to revisit areas of the curriculum we have already covered with a focus on working scientifically and developing our investigative techniques.


The children will be developing coding skills through a variety of games and activities on the Purple Mash programme.


Our half term question will be: How do cities and rivers affect each other? We will gain historical knowledge about rivers and an understanding of how this affects us today. We will learn about the human and physical characteristics of the UK. We will also learn to read and plot co-ordinates on maps to find river and cities in the UK. We will see how rivers affect, and have influenced, the architecture of cities. Through RE, we will explore how religions have been influenced by rivers and the significance they hold on them. We also have a trip to Teddington Lock where we will be able to observe and map the features of the river and conduct scientific experiments to learn more about the River Thames.


Our art and DT will be linked to our topic this term. We will look at artists who have been inspired by rivers and have a go at making our own paintings using watercolours. We will also build a bridge to cross a river.


We will be providing sex and relationship education, using the Chris Winter Project materials. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can look on the website: The focus in Year 4 is: Growing Up. Following the Heartstart First Aid programme, we will also learn how to help someone who is choking.


We will learn to express How do I feel today? Asking and answering questions about feelings (Como te sientes hoy?) We will make a link with the Topic by using scientific vocabulary to describe the water cycle “El Ciclo del Agua”


The main focus this term will be on athletics in preparation for sports day.


In music, we will be returning to use Charanga to explore new musical knowledge. The children will use their voices and instruments like glockenspiels to learn how to read music and alter their performance of a piece.


This half term, we will have two RE days focusing on Hinduism We will look at sacred texts, artefacts and the influence of key figures..

Trips and Special Events

We will be visiting Teddington Lock to support our topic this half term on 19th June.


Please note that the children should have their PE kits in school at all times as we may have extra lessons on different days. Spelling and times tables tests will continue each Friday. Please continue to read regularly with your children and support them to learn the 12 times tables and complete Mathletics homework.