Year Groups

Year 4

Spring Term in Year 4 - Half termly letter


The main texts we will be reading this half-term are Firebird – a celebration of Stravinsky’s Classic Ballet – and The Tinderbox. The children will continue to further their reading comprehension through targeted reading comprehension sessions and guided reading sessions.


This half term, children will be studying decimals and money. Children will be applying their knowledge of tenths and hundredths to be able to read and write any decimal number with tenths and hundredths. We will also be able to recognise and write the decimal equivalents of ¼, ½ and ¾. Children will also learn the effects of dividing a number by 10 and 100 in order to make a decimal number. Finally, we will learn to compare and round decimal numbers to the closest whole number.


We will start our topic Animals Including Humans, furthering our scientific enquiry skills by studying teeth, digestion, and food chains.


The children will be developing coding skills through a variety of games and activities on the Purple Mash programme.


We will continue our study of the Indian culture this half-term. Our topic question is: ‘Is India a developing superpower?’ Children will learn about the history of the Indian Raj and how they ruled India. We shall also compare different cities and industries with a village in India (called Chembakolli) to learn what life is like in different places in India.


Our art and DT will be linked to our India topic and the books we will be studying. For example, we will be creating instruments traditionally used in Inda as well as explore their use in Modern times.


We will focus on healthy eating, global warming, and careers this half-term.


We will be learning the different subjects as well as looking at the verb “to be” in Spanish this half-term.


4B will be learning basketball and 4M will be focusing on indoor athletics this half term.


In music, we will continue using Charanga to explore new musical knowledge. The children will use their voices and instruments to learn how to read music and alter their performance of a piece. Our focus song will be Lean On Me.


This half term, we will be studying Christianity. Our RE trip will be exploring Christianity and the architectural features of cathedrals at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Trips and Special Events

We will be visiting St Paul’s Cathedral for our RE topic.

Harlequins will finish up their tag rugby and maths sessions this half-term.


Please note that the children should have their PE kits in school at all times as we may have extra lessons on different days.

Spelling and Times Tables Tests will continue each Friday. Please continue to read regularly with your children and support them to learn the 12 times tables and complete Mathletics homework.

Thank you for supporting the children with our recent class assemblies. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed sharing our learning with you.