Year Groups

Year 4

Autumn Term in Year 4 - Half termly letter


We started the year by focusing our English lessons around the book ‘Varjak Paw’. The students will be learning about how to accurately punctuate speech and write plays. We will also be improving our writing by including similes, alliteration, fronted adverbials and embedded clauses. Additionally, we will be developing reading comprehension skills in targeted Guided Reading lessons as well as working on the spelling and grammar curriculum for Year 4. There will be a weekly spelling test.


In mathematics, we will continue or mastery approach and will be focusing on number. We shall learn how to recognise the value of a digit within in a four digit number; learn to round to the closest 10, 100 and 1000; and how to order numbers from smallest to largest. We will be learning to count below 0 and how to recognise Roman numerals. They will then learn to add and subtract four digit numbers and how to use the inverse equation to check their work. Furthermore, the children will have weekly times tables tests as the expectation is that all children in Year 4 should have fluent recall of all the times tables up to 12 by the end of the year.


Our science topic this half term is ‘sound’. We will begin by learning how sound waves travel through different mediums. We will then learn how sounds are made, recognise that vibrations travel to the ear, find patterns between pitch, and recognising sounds that get fainter as distance increases. The children will participate in investigations to test their new knowledge.


Children will create a trail showing a route around their school and its neighbourhood. They will annotate this with text, photos, video, audio, hyperlinks or other information. This will take the form of an interactive Google Map. The students will continue to build upon their coding and other technical skills.


We will be studying the Romans. This topic will be spread over two terms. Our topic question is ‘What have the Romans done for us?’ We will explore the creation of Rome, their Gods, lifestyle and the invasion of Britain. There will be a Roman themed day where students will be immersed in the life of a Roman child.


On the Roman immersion day, we shall be creating mosaics based on artifacts we will be studying. We shall also create artwork from our English text ‘Varjack Paw’.


In PSHE, students held an election for their class representative in the Student Council. Later, we will be be exploring the stereotypes that we hold and we will challenge our own views. The students will also be looking at the roles that we associate with different genders and how we can promote gender equality within our class and the school.


Year 4 will continue with weekly Spanish lessons building on what they studied last year. This will include numbers from 20-50, writing the date in Spanish/birthdays (Cuando es tu cumpleaños?), talking and writing about how they feel ,(Como te sientes hoy?) and learning the vocabulary around weather and seasons.


We shall be completing the vocal project this term, run by music specialists from Wandsworth Borough. To compliment this, we shall also be using a new program called Charanga, where students will be immersed in a new genre of music. Learning touched upon in Charanga is focused around one song: Mamma Mia. We will: listen to and talk about the song Mamma Mia and other Abba songs; learn and/or build on our knowledge and understanding about the features of music through vocal warm-ups, learning to sing the song, composing and improvising; and work toward an in-class performance.


PE will be taught by our sports coaches. 4M will be learning rugby and 4B netball. After half term, this will reverse. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school at all times and it can go home at half term.


During our RE days, we shall be exploring Buddhism, including: language, dress, culture, gods and food associated with the Buddhist faith.

Trips and Special Events

This half-term we will be doing a Roman-themed day in school. Students will dress in togas (from home) and create real mosaic tile artwork.

We are planning to visit a Roman museum and some Roman architecture in Autumn 2. Further details will follow.


The vocal music project will be on Thursdays. Children need to be in promptly, as our session is first thing in the morning.