Year Groups

Year 4

Summer Term in Year 4 - Half termly letter


This half term, we will be studying the classic text ‘The Firebird’ by Savoir Pirotta. We will write persuasive pieces based on the decisions our hero, Ivan has to make and learn to write a newspaper article to retell the incredible story. We shall also create poetry based on images in the text and write our own folk story based on the path Ivor travels.


We have an exciting half-term of mathematics ahead where we will be covering a variety of topics. We will begin by looking at measurements including converting between different units of measure for weight, length and capacity. Following this we will explore geometry covering the following themes: angles, shape and symmetry, position and direction.


We will study living things and their habitats. We will learn how to recognise the different ways that different living things can be grouped and use identification keys to help categorise a variety of animals. We will also explore our local environment to classify the living things in our habitat and creating our own identification keys. Finally we will look at how our local environment is changing and how this may affect its inhabitants.


We will use a program called ‘Hopscotch’ to create a simulation of a toy. We shall also be using stop animation and movie maker in a special project linked to our English text.


Our new topic theme is: ‘Why was the Golden Hinde so pivotal in the Tudor and Elizabethan era?’ We will explore when the Tudors existed in history in relation to our previous topics. We will also look at significant historical figures of the British Empire during that time and compare them to other significant Brits. We will then delve into The Age of Exploration by looking at what exploration is, who did significant explorative voyages, and what benefits they had upon the British Empire.


We will be looking at some of Holbein’s Tudor portraits and attempting our own portraits of key Tudor and Elizabethan figures. Holbein was one of the first great painters in Britain and existed in the period of history we are studying. We will use the Tate’s online reosurces to support our learning.


We will explore the following: issues that face people with disabilites; strategies to deal with peer pressure; compare our rights and responsibilities from home, school and the wider community; how to successfully deal with conflict and finally how to recognise the signs of choking and how to administer first aid appropriately in that situation. We will use PATHs to develop our understanding of different emotions and responses to different feelings.


The new topic this half term will be the ‘Carnival of Animals’ by Saint-Saens.  Children will learn to describe animals characterised by the music and to talk about their habitats. 

They will also learn how to tell the time on the hour.


4B will be learning to dance. We will focus on varying height, speed and position to create a powerful sequence. We shall also be continuing gymnastics with our specialist PE teacher.

4G will be playing cricket on the MUGA, as well as having additional PE sessions with our specialist coach, Mr Vadera.


We will continue using Charanga to explore new musical knowledge. The children will use their voices and instruments to learn how to read music and alter their performance of a piece. Our focus song will be Blackbird by the Beatles.


This half term, we will be learning about Sikhism. We shall study the life of Guru Nanak and retell his contributions to the faith. We shall also produce some art based on the Sikh faith.

Trips and Special Events

Golden Hinde residential trip 4G:  23rd -24th May

Trip to National Portrait Gallery – 21st May (linked to Tudor portraits)


Please keep up the good work with Mathletics as this supports classroom learning.

Please have PE kits at school every day.