Year Groups

Year 4

Autumn Termly Letter


We have begun the year by exploring the book Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. We will use this text as a starting point for writing our own diary entries focusing on adverbial phrases of time and place. We will then look at the structure and feature of fairy tales, making links between this text and other well-known fairy tales. We will finish by writing our own versions of a fairy tale, but with a twist! After half term we will be reading Varjak Paw by S.F. Said. We will focus on describing the setting, writing a newspaper article and building suspense for a dramatic narrative. We will also learn how to write a non-chronological report, based on our topic learning on the legacy of the Roman Empire. We will continue to have whole-class Reading, spelling, handwriting and grammar sessions to support your child’s literacy development.


In the autumn term, we will be using the NCETM scheme to help deliver our maths mastery curriculum. They have already studied Roman numerals during the first week back. We will be reviewing column addition and column subtraction and using them in a range of real-life contexts.  We will learn to recognise the value of a digit within in a four-digit number. We will learn how to round to the closest 10, 100 and 1000 and how to order numbers from smallest to largest. We will then learn to add and subtract four-digit numbers and how to use the inverse equation to check work. After this, we will be learning about perimeter and calculating the perimeter of different regular and irregular shapes.  We will also be developing strategies to improve the recall of our 3, 6 and 9 times tables.


Our first science topic this term is Animals including Humans. We will learn about how herbivores, omnivores and carnivores are different from each other, understand the importance of teeth, explain how we digest food and look at different food chains. We shall also develop our investigative skills through experiments to find out what different drinks do to our teeth.  We will then move onto learning about Sound, where we will find out how sound waves travel through different mediums. We will then learn how sounds are made, recognise that vibrations travel to the ear, experiment with creating different pitches and volumes, and explore why sounds get fainter as distance increases.


Children will become more familiar with e-safety and how to protect their privacy online. We will then focus on effective searching techniques using platforms such as Google and how we can do this in an efficient and safe way. The following unit will be the creation of eBooks using iPads. We will carry out research and work on the Book Creator app to create an interactive book. We will then focus on the layout and content to ensure that it is accessible to the audience for which we are writing.


Our topic question is ‘What is the legacy of the Roman Empire?’ We will explore the creation of Rome, the influence of the Romans on Britain today, including on trade, architecture and lifestyle. We will have a ‘Roman Day’ workshop learning about all things Ancient Rome! We will explore Roman leaders, battles, languages, towns, roads, sewers, and much more!


We shall be creating Roman mosaics based on artifacts we will be studying in Topic. We shall also create artwork from our English text. In DT, we are designing and making ear defenders as part of our science work on sound.


In PSHE, we will be following the Mind up scheme to introduce children to the functions and uses of each part of the brain. Over the course of the Autumn term we will be investigating how our brains work, understand mindful awareness and the core practice of focused awareness. Throughout the day we will also be having regular brain breaks.


Year 4 will continue with fortnightly Spanish lessons building on what they studied last year. This will include writing the date in Spanish/birthdays (Cuando es tu cumpleaños?), talking and writing about how they feel, (Como te sientes hoy?) and learning the vocabulary around weather and seasons.  After half term we will continue to learn numbers, learn about the Euro and further expressions for likes and dislikes. 


We shall be starting the vocal project this term, run by music specialists from Wandsworth Borough. This is a very exciting project where our children will have the opportunity to learn new songs.


Our P.E coaches will teach PE. The focus this term will be on ball games such as netball and tag rugby with many more a possibility. The children will also be having lacrosse lessons taught by a specialist coach.   Lacrosse lessons will be on Thursdays and PE will be on Fridays.  Please make sure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit on both days.


In RE we shall be exploring Judaism with a special focus on Moses, the story of Passover and Hanukkah.  

Trips and Special Events

30th September: Roman Day workshop

W.C 13th September: Vocal Project


Please ensure your child completes their Mathletics each week. They will be set ready for each Monday.

We will carry out our speed table’s tests and spelling tests each week so please encourage your child to learn these.

Finally, please do your best to support your child with their reading at home.