Year Groups

Year 4

Spring Term in Year 4 - Half termly letter


We will be reading a lovely and creative book called The Iron Man by Ted Hughes this half-term. This will help us to improve our writing skills, including a focus on persuasive writing as well as journalistic writing. There will be opportunities for us to explore other genres of writing too as we move through the unit, including poetry. We will also continue to enhance our reading comprehension skills through focused tasks and comprehension papers


This half term, children will be studying decimals and money. We will focus on the value of the British currency to estimate, compare and solve problems involving money. Children will be applying their knowledge of tenths and hundredths to be able to read and write any decimal number with tenths and hundredths. They will also recognise and write the decimal equivalents of ¼, ½ and ¾. Children will learn the effects of dividing a number by 10 and 100 in order to make a decimal number. Finally, we will learn to compare and round decimal numbers to the nearest whole number.


In Science, we will be studying animals including humans. This will include a particular focus on teeth in both animals and humans. We will look at the different types and their function as well as carrying out investigations on what affects the health and condition of teeth.


The children will be developing coding skills through a variety of games and activities on the Purple Mash programme.

To help develop their digital literacy skills, the computing homework for this half term is: What is the importance of coding in our modern society?


We will continue our study of the Indian culture this half-term. Our topic question is: ‘What is India’s role in the world?’ We will be focusing on famous Indian people and how they affected the world (Gandhi). We will be completing a DT project to taste, recreate and alter recipes for raita (an Indian dip). We shall also focus on writing the famous Buddhist story of Rama and Sita and look how the religion has supported India’s role in the world.


We shall be focusing on Indian architecture and learn to use perspective to create accurate drawings. Linking back to our topic, we shall also be tasting and creating our own versions of the Indian dip raita.


We will focus on healthy eating, global warming, emotional literacy and begin to look at what a ‘career’ is.


This half term the children will learn names for some sports and food and drinks associated with healthy and unhealthy lifestyles.  We will revise the days of the week and learn to say what activities they do on particular days.


In PE this half-term, 4B will be working on indoor athletics and gymnastics skills, whilst 4G will be practising large ball skills, such as basketball, outside. This will be supplemented by the usual after and before-school clubs which run during the week.


This term we will be studying Judaism, looking at religious practice and comparing and contrasting it with other religions studied. We will look at materials important to Jewish people.


In music, we will continue using Charanga to explore new musical knowledge. The children will use their voices and instruments to learn how to read music and alter their performance of a piece. Our focus songs will be Mamma Mia and Blackbird.

Trips and Special Events

We will go to Wandsworth Common to compare the spring conditions to the autumn as we did last term, and will repeat this again in the summer. In terms of other events and trips, we will let you know when these have been booked in due course. As always, we strive to produce a rounded education with a range of interesting experiences and will continue to do so.


Please note that the children should have their PE kits in school at all times as we may have extra lessons on different days. Please ensure you return any outstanding permission slips for the Golden Hinde trips in May (4G) and June (4B).