Year Groups

Year 3

Summer Term in Year 3 - half termly letter


This term we will be basing our work on Charlotte’s Web by EB White. The children will write a narrative, diary entry, persuasive letter and a response to it, as well as newspaper writing and creating a factsheet about spiders.


This half term, we will build on our understanding of fractions, using diagrams to recognise and represent equivalent fractions with small denominators. We will move on to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole as well as comparing and ordering fractions, with the same denominators. The children will solve problems that involve all of the above.


We will continue with the topic of Light before moving on to look at Plants. The children will consolidate their understanding of the functions of different parts of flowering plants and explore the requirements of plants for life and growth and how they vary from plant to plant. They will have opportunities to take their learning outside and to raise questions for further investigation.


As well as using the chrome books and ipads for cross-curricular learning, we will move on to explore computer simulations and evaluate how useful and effective they are.


We will start to consider the new topic question, “Who were the Ancient Egyptians and what was their greatest achievement?” To support this half-term’s learning, we will have a whole day workshop on life in Ancient Egypt.


This half-term we will continue to link to our work on recycling.  The children will also produce hieroglyphs of their names.


We will continue with the PATHS (promoting alternative thinking strategies) programme as well as making links with the UNCRC and the rights of children all around the world.


This half term children will listen and respond to a story called Los Cuatro Amigos. Children will learn to talk about animals and describe their colour and movement.  By retelling a story through the use of mime, the children will be developing their language and vocab. 


3F will learn cricket, 3B will be doing dance and 3KB will be learning tennis

We will continue with our swim sessions on a Wednesday.  3B start on the first Wednesday of summer term.


The children will continue working with the Wandsworth Music Service learning djembe, recorder and singing as well as developing their skills in reading music.


The focus for RE this term is Sikhism. We will learn about Guru Nanak and think about how he demonstrated a belief in equality. We will start to make links between his teaching and our own lives today.

Trips and Special Events

Portals to the Past Egyptians workshop on 22nd May.

3B’s class assembly is on the 24th May, 9.10am.


Spelling and Times Tables Tests will continue each Friday.

Please continue to read regularly with your children and support them to learn times tables and complete Mathletics homework.