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Year 3

Spring Term in Year 3 - Half termly letter


This term we will continue to enjoy a wide range of poetry in our reading and immerse ourselves in reading for the week of World Book Day. We will continue with our work on ‘Mini Grey’s Egg Drop’ and move on to look at a classic text by E Nesbit.


We will continue with work on time and fractions. Throughout the term we will be consolidating our understanding of the four operations with a focus on multiplication and division.


We will move on to a new topic, Forces and Magnets, developing scientific enquiry skills through exploring forces which need contact between two objects and making comparisons with magnetic forces which can act at a distance. We will investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials, making observations about how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others.


The children will work together to create a short news report, linked to topic work, using iMovie on the iPads.


We will be continue with the question, “Can natural disasters be avoided?” focusing on volcanoes, earthquakes and flooding before moving on to consider, “Is it better to reduce, re-use or recycle?”

As part of this work we will be visiting the Wandsworth Recycling Plant.


We will be creating work in preparation for the Allfarthing Art Exhibition as well as using recycled material in collages.


We will continue with the PATHS (promoting alternative thinking strategies) programme as well as making links with sustainability and environmental awareness through topic work.


Year 3 will be learning vocabulary related to body parts and family members.


We will be exploring a range of dance styles and developing their own moves.


The children will be continuing with recorder, learning crotchets, quavers, minims and semi-breves and the notes B A G C D. They will learn how to play simple tunes with the notes they have practised and working towards an end-of-term performance in school.


RE days will focus on comparisons between aspects of Christianity and other faiths. We will be visiting St Paul’s Cathedral for a “Sacred Spaces” workshop.

Trips and Special Events

3GK class assembly on Thursday 8th March

Wandsworth Recycling Plant trip on Tuesday 13th March for 3GK and Thursday 15th March for 3F

3F class assembly on Thursday 22nd March

St Paul’s Cathedral trip on Friday 23rd March


Spelling and Times Tables Tests will continue each Friday. On the first Friday of the new term we will test the children on a variety of spellings from the Year 3 curriculum.

Please continue to read regularly with your children and support them to learn times tables and complete Mathletics homework.