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Year 3

Summer Term in Year 3

During the Summer Term, as well as developing your child’s literacy, speaking and listening, mathematical, PSHE (citizenship), PE, swimming, music and ICT skills we will be studying:

Science : Light and Shadows (Summer 1) and Animals and Humans (Summer 2)

Topic : In our cross-curricular Topic, which will combine History and Geography as well as Art and DT we will be asking ourselves “What if there was only one mode of transport?” (Summer 1) and “Who were the Ancient Egyptians and what was their greatest achievement?” (Summer 2)

RE : Sikhism

PE lessons: As you will be aware, your child requires the correct PE kit as stipulated in the newsletter. They should bring in their PE kit on Monday and then leave it in school until Friday, so that it is available for clubs, or in the event that the PE class time slot changes. Please ensure that each item of clothing is named and put in a PE kit bag that is also marked clearly with your child’s name. All the children are expected to participate unless they have a doctor’s note.

Swimming lessons will continue until the end of the academic year. They will be weekly on Thursdays. Your child will need a suitable swimming costume, towel and small bag or rucksack to store wet things. Swimming goggles are optional but all children must wear a swimming hat. All the children are expected to attend unless they have a doctor’s note.


During the second half of this term, we will be providing sex and relationship education, using the Chris Winter Project materials. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can look on the website: . Our topic is ‘valuing difference and keeping safe.’ Please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher if you would like to look at the resources, make any comments or discuss any concerns.

Music/Recorder lessons will still continue on a Wednesday - your child will need to remember their instrument each week. Your child will need to practice for at least 10 minutes, 3 times a week to make good progress. Remembering to bring in the recorder and to practice is taken into consideration when allocating instruments in Year 4.

Water and fruit are encouraged. We suggest every child brings a bottle of water to school every day to drink from in the classroom. They are also welcome to bring in a piece of fruit to eat at morning break as this prevents the children from getting hungry before lunch at 12.30. Please ensure your child’s water bottle is labelled with their name.


In line with Allfarthing School’s Homework Policy, the following homework is set for Year 3 children:


It is essential that your child reads with an adult every night for at least 15 minutes. Ask your child questions to confirm their understanding of the text and discuss any difficult words. Ask them to predict what might happen next. Children will change their books in consultation with the class teacher but will gradually need to take on the responsibility of changing them for themselves when needed. Please fill in the yellow Reading Record book every time you hear them read. (N.B This is not a communication book and should be used only for reading comments.)

Times tables

Over the year, your child will need to learn the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables with all the corresponding division facts. 15 minutes three times a week should be spent learning these, for example:

4 x 3 =12 3 x 4 = 12 12 ÷ 3 =4 12 ÷ 4 = 3

Mathletics homework is set for all children every Monday and they are expected to complete it using either an iPad or computer by the following Sunday. This is important homework which reinforces the learning in school. It is also an excellent way of improving quick addition, subtraction and times tables skills. If computer access is not possible, please contact your child’s class teacher.


will continue using our new Spelling Programme this term. Every class will have a daily 15 minutes spelling lesson. As part of the programme, every child will receive a personal Spelling Log, which they will use at school and home, to practise and review spellings. The Spelling Log will be tailored to the needs of the individual. Children will bring home their spelling log every Friday so you can see the spellings that they have been learning in school. Please ensure these are sent back to school on a Monday morning so they can be used in school.

The year 3 spellings list has been sent out and the children will be tested on this list every Friday.

Talking homework will continue to be sent home on a Friday. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning with them at home.

Punctuality and Absences Please ensure that your child is punctual in the mornings. Your child needs to be in class for register at 8.55am each morning. If your child is absent for any reason, we would be grateful if you would telephone the school office on 020 8874 1301.

If you should wish to make an appointment to see either of us at any time to discuss any other aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to do so. We always welcome contact from you and appreciate your support and feedback.

We look forward to a happy and successful final term in year 3.

Download Year 3 Curriculum Overview