Year Groups

Year 3

Spring Term in Year 3 - half termly letter


We will start the term by reading Fly Eagle, Fly! by Christopher Gregorowski. This is a beautifully illustrated traditional tale about being allowed to reach one’s potential. The children will write their own narratives based on the pattern and language of this story.  We will then move on to look at an animation, Lucky Dip, to consolidate narrative writing skills, with focused tasks on describing settings and characters leading up to retelling the story of the film in our own words. In addition, the children will continue to develop their understanding of the Year 3 grammar, spelling and punctuation curriculum.



We will consolidate our autumn term work on multiplication and division, focusing on scaling and missing number calculations. We will also look at measurement of length and the perimeter of 2D shapes using mm, cm and m units.  We will also be reviewing how to tell the time accurately from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals, 12-hour and 24-hour clocks. We will learn to record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours and to recall the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year.


We will be continuing with our topic Animals Including Humans, focusing on joints and muscles and building skills in scientific enquiry. We will then move on to look at Forces and Magnets, considering the difference between contact and non-contact forces, observing how magnets attract or repel each other and relate this to our understanding of magnetic poles.


The children will be developing touch typing skills through a variety of games and activities on the Purple Mash programme.


We will be looking at the question, “How and why have places and transport changed in the UK?” Our work will include a study of the local area as well as key cities in the UK.  We will also be visiting the London Transport Museum.


We will start our topic work by looking at the industrial landscape work of LS Lowry and recreating his style of painting. We will also be using charcoals and pencils to sketch different UK landmarks.


We will continue focusing on different emotions this term, including identifying and expressing feelings. We will be looking at improvfing self-control, self-awareness and anger management.


This half term children will be learning language relating to celebrations of special occasions.  They will learn how to express praise, ask permissions and write invitations.   


3KB – netball; 3B- hockey; 3F -dance and yoga.     Swimming will continue for 3F and 3B for 6 more lessons from Wednesday 9th January until Wednesday 13th February.


The children will continue their lessons on djembe, recorder and singing with specialist teachers from Wandsworth Music Service, building on the skills learnt last term.


This term we will be studying Judaism, using key vocabulary to describe and compare aspects of religious beliefs and practices.

Trips and Special Events

On Friday 1st February, 3B and 3KB will visit the London Transport Museum for Transport Through Time Workshops. 3F will do the same trip and workshop on Friday 8th February.


Spelling and times tables tests will continue each Friday. On the first Friday of the new term we will test the children on a variety of spellings from the Year 3 curriculum.

Please continue to read regularly with your children and support them to learn times tables and complete Mathletics homework.