Year Groups

Year 2

Spring Term in Year 2 - Half termly letter


We will be using two different texts through the rest of the spring term: ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell and ‘Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram. We will continue to work on punctuation and using the correct tense, as well as using adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and possessive apostrophes. We’ll also be exploring the poem ‘Wizards Pockets’, with the children writing their own adaptations. As previously, the children will continue to develop comprehension and reading skills in targeted phonics and Guided Reading lessons as well as working on the spelling and grammar curriculum for Year 2. There will be a weekly spelling test.  In handwriting lessons our focus will continue on writing in cursive script.


We will be continuing with the mastery approach to teaching mathematics. To begin with we will be continuing to focus on money by adding different amounts, giving change, place value and solving word problems. We will continue to review and revise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – choosing and using appropriate methods and solving word problems. We will also continue learning about 2D and 3D shapes, describing their properties. We will also cover symmetry and fractions.


Our science topic this half term continues to be animals including humans. We’ll explore what animals and humans need to stay alive. We will be predicting, testing and observing to build up the children’s investigation skills. During National Science Week we’ll also be carrying out additional experiments outside of this topic.


We will be using an online program called Purple Mash to develop the children’s coding skills.


Our topic question will be: “Why was the first man on the moon so important?”  We will be looking at the events leading up to the first landing on the moon and discussing why it was such an important event. We'll also be looking at how the astronauts survived in space.  


The children will be creating their own paintings of space ships in the style of Peter Thorpe. The children will also create moving pictures depicting the space buggy on the moon.


We will continue to follow the PATHS program, which is a resource to support children with their emotional well being- including recognising and managing feelings.


Our learning will be focussed on a reggae song by Joanna Mangona called, ‘Zoo Time.’ We will be learning how to sing and play together in an ensemble.


PE will now be taken by Mr Clack and Mr Haughton who will be focusing on gymnastics and outside invasion sports. In gym, the children will be looking at different ways of balancing as well as linking landing techniques using apparatus. 


We will be learning about Judaism. The children will be looking at some of the main festivals celebrated, such as Hanukkah.

Trips and Special Events

We will be going to Bocketts Farm which links to our science topic animals including humans and also links to our English book ‘Farmer Duck’.


PE Kit should be named and kept in school and will remain here until the Easter holidays. Children should keep all books in their books bags at all times. For playtimes, children should only be bringing in fruit as a snack. Mathletics is set on a Monday and children are expected to attempt the three tasks throughout the week.