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Year 2

Summer Termly Newsletter


For the first half term we will be using the texts, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers and ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl as inspiration for a range of writing, including diary entries, letters, non-chronological reports and narratives. We will then look at another Roald Dahl book, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, and ‘After the Fall’ by Dan Santat in the second half of term. We will continue to work on punctuation, as well as using adverbs and suffixes in our writing. In addition to this, we will be looking at using a variety of conjunctions as well as the progressive past and using the correct tense. We will continue to develop comprehension and reading skills in whole class reading lessons as well as working on the spelling and grammar curriculum for Year 2.  There will continue to be a weekly spelling test on Fridays and we will also continue to work on writing in cursive script.



We will be continuing with the mastery approach to teaching mathematics. To begin with we will continue to focus on time and looking at time to the nearest five minutes. It would be extremely helpful if children were looking at analogue clocks at home instead of digital if possible. Also, we will focus on measurement, including length, capacity and mass. The children will be reading scales in ones, twos, fives and tens. We will also be going over their basic addition and subtraction skills as well as re-looking at money and measurement.


Our science topic for Summer 1 is Plants. We will be answering the question, ‘Where would be best to grow a garden at Allfarthing?’ We will be exploring what plants need to stay alive and looking at their lifecycles. We will be exploring this through planting out our own sunflower seeds, visiting local green areas and looking at leaves in detail. Our topic for Summer 2 is Living Things and Their Habitats. We will be answering the question, ‘Can you design and make a habitat of your choice?’ In order to create a suitable habitat we will be understanding life processes, explaining what a habitat is, learning the differences between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, as well as understanding food chains.


For the first half of the summer term we will be learning coding using the Hopscotch app on the iPads. We will be creating a space animation programming a rocket to fly through space. For the second half of term we will be using the ChatterPix app to bring Florence Nightingale to life.


Our first topic question will be: “Is the UK all the same?”  We will be discussing the similarities and differences between the four countries, which make up the UK and looking at their geographical footprint. Our second topic question will be: ‘Why was Florence Nightingale so important to the world?’ This will include investigating who Florence Nightingale was and comparing hospitals before and after Florence Nightingale. We will be looking at Mary Seacole’s nursing journey too.


The children will be looking at plants in Science and therefore we will be looking Vincet Van Gogh Sunflower painting. They will be using a new medium to recreate this iconic piece of artwork. The children will be examining and understanding the work of the artist Paul Klee. They will be creating portraits of Florence Nightingale in the style of Paul Klee. They will also be designing and making aprons to help Florence Nightingale at work.


We will continue to follow the PATHS program, which is a resource to support children with their emotional well being- including recognising and managing feelings. We will also be following the Mind Up program learning more about the science behind our feelings. We will finally be looking at the Year 2 SRE curriculum to find out how boys and girls are different.


Mr Haughton and Mr Clack will be taking Year 2 for P.E one afternoon a week. Both will be doing different types of games outside (weather depending.) The teachers will be swapped over after the May Half Term.


The children will continue to take part in the vocal project, practising the songs they already know and building in a few more. They will be working towards and end of Summer Term performance with the Year 1s outside for people to attend (Covid pending).


In R.E. we will be looking at how people worship. We will cover a number of different worships such as the Eucharist, Salah, Puja and the Amrit Ceremony. We will visit St. Ann’s Church in Wandsworth to bring part of this to life.


Bocketts Farm – 18th May 2021

Florence Nightingale Workshop – 30th June 2021

St. Ann’s Church – TBC



PE Kits to continue to be worn on the children’s PE day.

Children should be reading at home daily and should keep all books in their book bags at all times.

For playtimes, children should only be bringing in fruit as a snack.

Mathletics continues to be set on a Monday and children are expected to attempt the three tasks throughout the week.

Please continue to support your children with the spellings, arithmetic and comprehension which come home every Friday.