Year Groups

Year 2

Autumn Termly Newsletter


In Autumn One, we will be reading ‘Traction Man’ and ‘The Lost Wolf’ by Mini Grey. We will use these texts as inspiration for a range of writing including narratives, descriptions, instructions and writing in role. In Autumn Two we will be reading ‘On the way home’ by Jill Murphy and ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’ by Tanya Robyn Batt. Throughout the term we will be working on punctuation including question marks, exclamation marks and commas for a list. We will also be using adjectives and a range of conjunctions in our writing.   During whole class reading and phonics, we will be developing comprehension and reading skills as well as working on the spelling and grammar curriculum for Year 2.  There will continue to be a weekly spelling test on Fridays as well a short comprehension test. The children will bring these home each week for you to look at with them. Finally, we will also be working on writing in cursive script during our handwriting lessons.


This year we are using the NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation programme to aid recovery and guide teaching throughout the year. This will address potential gaps from last year’s learning while also supporting and challenging them in their current Year 2 curriculum. This term the children will focus on looking at numbers from 1-100, fluently adding and subtracting within 10 and then moving on to looking at calculations within 20. Later on in the term we will move on to adding and subtracting two digit numbers up to 100, and finally we will introduce multiplication.


Our science topic this term is: materials. We will be focusing on the properties of different common materials and their uses. Our work will include many opportunities for the children to explore materials around them. After the half term, we will be using the scientific knowledge we built up to carry out a design project.


We will be focussing on Digital Literacy and using the iPad app ‘Popplet’ to create a fact file using our knowledge about The Great Fire of London. The children will learn to add titles, format text and add pictures. We will also discuss staying safe when using technology.


Our topic question this half term is: ‘Could The Great Fire of London Happen Today’ We will be discussing the similarities and differences between London now and in 1666.  We will also be learning about the causes of the fire.  We will be taking part in an in-school workshop to strengthen our understanding of the Great Fire.

After the half term our topic question will be: ‘Would you like to be a child in Mexico?’  We will be discussing the similarities and differences between England and Mexico and exploring the country in depth by looking at its culture; including festivals, food and the daily routines of children in Mexico.


The art curriculum will link with our topic work and will include pencil drawings and mixing colours using paint to create fiery images, and the children will use papier mache and paint to design and make masks linked to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival.


The children will focus on developing responsibilty and discussing how we can be better friends and class mates. They will also be participating in regular ‘Brain Breaks’ and learning about the brain through the Mind Up program.


Our learning will be focused on the song ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’, which celebrates South African music.  We will listen to and discuss songs, as well as take part in musical activities to build understanding and work towards an in-class performance. After the half term our learning will be focused on the Christmas songs within the KS1 Winter Production. 


PE will focus on games and gymnastics.  Games will be outdoors every Monday with a specialist PE teacher ‘Mr V’, and indoor every Thursday with the class teachers. We will be focusing on team building and ball skills, using these to play simple games in small groups.  In gymnastics, we will be thinking about different ways of moving across mats and creating sequences of movements.


This term, we will be discussing the question, ‘What does belonging mean?’ There will be a focus on baptism and naming ceremonies this half term. Next half term, the focus will be on the 5 Ks within Sikhism. 

Trips and Special Events

Science Walk to Wandsworth Common: date TBC.

Wednesday 29th September 2021: Great Fire of London Workshop in school. Children to dress up in time appropriate clothing. If you would like to volunteer for the day please let your class teacher know.


Children to come into school in their PE kits on their P.E. days.  If you haven’t got the school PE kit and/or tracksuit, the kit should be non-branded in blue and white. Children should keep all reading books in their books bags at all times and please continue to read daily with them as it is invaluable to developing their spelling, comprehension and storytelling skills. For playtimes children should only be bringing in fruit as a snack. Mathletics is set on a Monday starting 06.09.21 and children are expected to attempt the three tasks throughout the week.