Year Groups

Year 1

Summer Term in Year 1 - Half termly letter


This term we will be linking our English to our topic learning, including: rainforest poetry, a recount of our zoo trip, animal facts and rainforest story books.

During guided reading the children will continue to develop their comprehension and reading skills. Daily phonics will continue as we focus on alternate spellings for sounds. We will also continue with a weekly spelling test on Fridays and handwriting lessons focussing on letter positions and heights in cursive script.


We will be continuing with the mastery approach to teaching mathematics, focusing on the four operations, money, weight and volume. We will look further at multiplication and division in a variety of contexts including problem solving. We will learn to recognise coins and their value and use this to solve problems using the 4 operations. And finally we will move on to comparing and solving problems with weight and volume.


Our science topic next half term is animals which we will link to our rainforest topic. We will be learning about animals that live in the rainforest, classifying animals and learning about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores as well as different animal species.


We will be learning about programming using Beebots. We will start by learning how to give clear instructions to each other, before applying these skills in a computing setting.


Our topic question next half term is: “What if there were no rainforests in the world?” We will be using maps to locate rainforest, learning about different parts of rainforest, finding out why they are so useful and the dangers that threaten them.


We will be creating artwork with the information we find out in topic, including observational drawing of animals and colour mixing to create the layers of the rainforest.


We will be providing sex and relationship education, using the Chris Winter Project materials. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can look on the website: . The focus in Year 1 is: Growing and Caring for Ourselves. We will also be using the Heart Start program to learn about what to do in an emergency.


PE will continue to take place with Mr Haughton and Mr Clack focusing on athletics in preparation for sports day.


In the summer term we will be learning about Hinduism were we will look at key facts and traditions as well as learning about the Hindu creation story and some of the gods.


This term the children will be taking part in a vocal project. The performance will be on Wednesday 4th July at 2pm and will last about 30 minutes – all parents and carers are welcome!

Trips and Special Events

Zoo trip – Thurs 7th June – Please ensure you have paid!

Chicks – this will include 2 workshops, eggs and an incubator for each class, and fingers crossed, some chicks at the end!

Vocal project performance – see music section above.


Please send your child in with their rain coat (if rain is forecast), book bag (no rucksacks), reading record, water and fruit (optional) every day! Please ensure everything is named.

PE Kit should be named and kept in school and will remain here until the summer holiday. Children should keep all books in their books bags at all times and please continue to read daily with them as it is invaluable to developing their spelling, comprehension and storytelling skills. Mathletics is set on a Monday and children are expected to attempt the three tasks throughout the week. Please record any reading at home in their reading record and complete weekly Mathletics tasks.