Year Groups

Year 1

Summer Term in Year 1- Half termly letter


This half term we will be looking at ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear and using this text to investigate narrative poetry and rhyme, as well as diary writing. We will then be reading the story, ‘Where the wild things are’ by Maurice Sendak. We will be writing setting descriptions of the places visited in the story, character descriptions of Max and the ‘wild things’, as well as re-telling the story.

We will continue to focus on using capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks to punctuate our sentences. We will continue to use adjectives and similes for description as well as using the conjunctions: and, because, so, but, when and while. In addition, we will be looking at adding prefixes and suffixes to our words, as well as writing in the same tense throughout a piece of writing.

Daily Guided Reading and handwriting practise will continue, as well as weekly spelling tests and comprehension tests.



We will be continuing with the mastery approach to teaching mathematics. We will continue to look at measurement, focusing on length and height and then weight and volume. We will then move on to multiplication and division, particularly focusing on counting in twos, fives and tens. Finally we will begin to look at fractions – focusing on finding halves and quarters of objects, shapes and numbers.


Our science topic next half term is ‘Animals, including Humans.’  We will be identifying and naming animals, as well as categorising, comparing and sorting them. For example, we will be finding out what animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.


We will be using Ipads to explore the app ‘keynote’. The children will be researching animals on the rainforest and then using ‘keynote’ to share their knowledge.


Our topic question next half term is: “What if there were no rainforests?” We will be using maps to locate rainforests; we will be labelling and describing rainforests, as well as comparing climates and learning about changes over time.


To link with our rainforest topic, we will be making observational drawings of animals and mixing paints to create a rainforest background for a collage painting.


We will continue following the PATHS program, a resource to support children with their emotional well being, including recognising and managing feelings.


PE will continue to take place with Mr Haughton and Mr Clack focusing on small ball handling skills and team games, such as tennis and cricket.


This term we will be learning about Sikhism. We will be learning about how Sikhs celebrate the festival, ‘Baisakhi.’


This term the children will be taking part in a vocal project.  Further details will be provided nearer the time for the performance.

Trips and Special Events

Squirrel Class assembly will be on the 3rd May

We will be going on a trip to Kew Gardens to link with our rainforest topic on 22nd May.


Please send your child in with their coat, book bag (no rucksacks), reading record, water and fruit (optional) every day! Please ensure everything is named.

PE Kit should be named and kept in school and will remain here until the May half term. Children should keep all books in their books bags at all times and please continue to read daily with them as it is invaluable to developing their spelling, comprehension and storytelling skills.  Mathletics is set on a Monday and children are expected to attempt the two or three tasks throughout the week. Spelling tests, mental arithmetic tests and comprehension tests also happen weekly so do please go through these with your children.