Year Groups

Year 1

Summer Term in Year 1

During the Summer Term, as well as continuing to develop your child’s literacy, speaking and listening, mathematical, PSHE (citizenship), PE and computing skills, we will be studying:

Topic “What if there were no rainforests in the world?”

“Why do people visit the seaside – then and now?”

Science Animals, including humans.

RE Over the course of the summer term we will be learning about Sikhism, with two focussed RE days.

PE lessons will be on Friday this term. Children should bring in their PE kit on Monday and leave it in school all week, so that it is available for clubs, or in the event that the PE class time slot changes. Please ensure that each item of clothing is named and put in their PE kit bag, also clearly labelled with their name. All the children are expected to participate unless they have a doctor’s note.


During the second half of this term, we will be providing sex and relationship education, using the Chris Winter Project materials. If you would like to find out more about the project, you can look on the website: . Our topic is ‘growing and caring for ourselves.’ Please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher if you would like to look at the resources, make any comments or discuss any concerns.


Allfarthing does have a homework policy. The following homework is set for Year 1 children:

Talking Homework - weekly

Talking homework will continue to be sent home on a Friday. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your child's learning with them at home.

Reading – daily

We would like the children to read to you (RWI books) and for you to read to them (a variety of other books). It is vital to expand their vocabulary, so later, when your child reads more advanced books they will read and understand many of the words. The language found in literature far exceeds that of everyday spoken language. Exposing your child to lots of good quality books is vital in developing and expanding their vocabulary. Take the opportunity to discuss the meanings of words in the context of the story. “What your child can say today they will be reading tomorrow.”


Mathletics homework will be set every Monday and will consist of 3 tasks. Mathletics homework is an excellent way of furthering the children's learning in class using engaging web content. It is also compulsory, so please work on the tasks set by us with your child once a week.

Water and fruit are encouraged. We suggest every child brings a bottle of water to school every day to drink from in the classroom. They are also welcome to bring in fruit to eat at break. Please ensure your child’s water bottle and fruit is labelled with their name.

Punctuality and Absences Please ensure that your child is punctual in the mornings. Your child needs to be in class for register at 9am each morning. For reasons of organisation and safety, the school asks you not to accompany your child into the building, so please say goodbye to your child in the playground. Please do try to be on time dropping off and collecting at the end of the day. If you find that you are going to be unavoidably late, to collect your child, please phone the school to let us know. If your child is absent for any reason, we would be grateful if you would telephone the school office on 020 8874 1301.

If you should wish to make an appointment to see any of us at any time to discuss any aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to do so. We always welcome contact with you and appreciate your support and feedback.

Download Year 1 Curriculum Overview