Year Groups

Year 1

Summer Termly Newsletter


This term we will be studying many popular stories. In summer 1 we will learn and recite the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ and write a diary entry about their journey. We will then read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and write descriptions of our own Wild Things and island where the wild things live. Then we shall retell the story in our own words. We shall continue focusing on our handwriting and sentence formation to ensure we always include capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, similes, conjunctions and adjectives. After half term, we will read ‘Flood’, ‘Journey’ and other books which have been illustrated by Quentin Blake. We will look at the features of lots of different writing styles and practise writing for different purposes.  



In summer 1, we will introduce the children to the very early stages of multiplication and division. We will revise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, before grouping objects into equal groups and sharing objects fairly. We will then look at how to make arrays by lining objects up into columns and rows, to help us count them more efficiently. In our Fractions unit, we will study the concept of a half and a quarter, starting with shapes and moving onto numbers. Our Geometry unit links nicely with our computing topic, in which we will look at position and direction and will learn to identify the different turns an object has made (half turn, quarter turn, three-quarter turn). We will also learn all about money and will learn to recognise the value of all the different coins and notes.

In summer 2, we will solidify our knowledge of place value in numbers up to 100, focusing on how many tens and ones there are in each number, before comparing them using our mathematical language. We will also learn how to tell the time (to the o’clock and half past) and will discuss our daily timetables and what times we complete daily tasks. Throughout the summer term in Maths Meetings, we will continue practising our addition and subtraction skills to ensure students have a strong understanding of how to manipulate numbers.


Our science topic throughout the summer term is Plants, as we studied Animals, including Humans in the Spring term instead. We will be identifying and naming a variety of common plants, including garden plants, wild plants and trees and those classified as deciduous and evergreen. We will also be identifying and describing the basic structure of a variety of plants, including roots, stem/ trunk, leaves and flowers. Finally, we will be discussing the life cycle of a plant, and going on a walk to Wandsworth Common to look at some seasonal changes.


In computing, we will use Beebots to help practise coding. We will learn to give clear instructions and directions, including turning right / left a quarter, half or three-quarter turn and moving forward a specific number of steps. We shall work on our problem-solving skills to notice where we have made mistakes and improve our instructions to navigate through a maze.

We shall also use Virtual Reality to support our writing in English and understanding of the Seaside in our topic lessons.


Our topic question for summer 1 is: Our school and Wandsworth – is it the same as other places? We will be looking at maps of Wandsworth, using simple compass directions, as well as going on a class walk around the local area.

Our topic question for summer 2 is: Why have people always gone to the seaside? We will be locating seasides in the UK, comparing seasides from the Victorian times to now, writing postcards and classifying natural and man-made features of the seaside.


Linked to our summer 1 topic of Wandsworth, we will be creating graffiti art in the style of Banksy, using paints, charcoal and chalk. Before half term, we will also be making 3D maps using cardboard and various recycled materials.

In summer 2, we will be painting seaside pictures in the style of Paul Bursnall to link with our topic question. We will also be making our own Punch and Judy puppets in the latter half of the term.


We will continue to follow the PATHS program, which is a resource to support children with their emotional well being, including recognising and managing feelings. We will also be continuing the Mind Up program, learning more about our brains and the science behind our feelings. Finally, we will be studying the Year 1 SRE curriculum, in which we will look at the lifecycle of a human and how we grow and develop from babies to adults.


Our PE day is a Thursday so please come in to school wearing your PE kit.  In PE, we will be doing a variety of outdoor ball sports and gymnastics with Mr Haughton and Mr Clack.


This term we will answer the question: “What relationships are important and how do we look after others?” We shall look at how our families are made up and talk about different types of families. We will look at why family is important and how our families keep us safe. Then we shall look at telling stories and how fairy tales and cultural stories have helped our families. We will look at the ‘Christian family’ and how the priest holds the father role to lead the church family. Finally we shall see how families may differ in the environment and how animal families support each other in order to thrive.


This term, Year 1 will be taking part in an exciting Vocal Project based on pirates. We will be learning some songs and practising them together each week. Further details will follow, as there is usually a performance at the end of the project, so we will have to see whether this can happen ‘live’ or via other means.

Trips and Special Events

This term we will (finally!) be going to Forest School! This amazing opportunity provided by the PTA, will allow children to explore the natural world and apply their learning in a safe, outdoor setting. Hedgehogs will go in summer 1 and Squirrels will be attending in summer 2. Forest School will be every Tuesday morning, so please send your child in with comfortable shoes on Tuesdays and/or wellies if it is raining.


We are also extremely lucky to be able to welcome some chicks to the classroom this term! The eggs will arrive in the second week of term, in the last few days of their gestation period, and we will then be able to watch them hatch and grow over the week that follows.


Please send your child in with their coat, book bag, reading record, water and fruit (optional) every day. Please ensure everything is named.

Please record reading at home in their yellow reading record, complete weekly Mathletics tasks, as well as practising spellings and mental maths.

PE day in the summer term will be on a Thursday so please send your child in dressed in their PE kit every Thursday.