Year Groups

Learning this year

AUTUMN TERM - Our Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional development

We teach a vast range of feelings, with puppets and relatable storylines. We will also be learning how to share, follow the class rules and how to be a good friend. We will be discussing our ‘Class Charter’, which covers the rights of the child at school and duties of the adults.

Communication and Language

This term we will learn to listen to others in small groups and during carpet time.  We will develop our listening and attention skills in a variety of learning experiences and fun games.  We will also be using props to sing nursery rhymes and retell familiar stories.

Physical Development

For fine motor skills we will be focussing on strengthening muscles in hands and fingers. We will develop gross motors skills by using our Fitness Station where we will be focussing on moving in different ways (hopping, skipping, jumping etc)


‘Marvellous Me’ will be our very first topic in Nursery and we will be exploring the stories ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘So Much’. After half term, we will be finding out about Celebrations. This term we introduce Phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. We will develop children’s listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment. We will experience and develop awareness of sounds made with instruments and noisemakers. Developing awareness of sounds and rhythms through nursery rhymes are vital.


We will be learning to recite numbers in order through number songs. Adults will model counting of objects in different layouts, showing the result is always the same as long as each object is only counted once. Developing awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment will help understanding shapes. The class will teach Barnaby and Bella, our class teddies, to recognise simple 2D shapes. This will help them to be able to demonstrate the language for shapes. We organise the environment to foster shape matching, e.g. pictures of different bricks on containers to show where they are kept.

Understanding of the World

We will encourage children to talk about their own home and community life, and to find out about other children’s experiences. Our work will include many opportunities for the children to raise questions and make links with the world around them. They will begin to learn about their five senses through experience. ‘Look, Listen, Taste, Touch and Smell’ book will support their learning. A range of technology will be available to children in the setting to use, such as cameras, IPads.

Expressive Art and Design

In the music area, children will experience making sounds using different instruments. As a freeflow activity children will be encouraged to join in with dancing and ring games, like musical statues, Ring A Ring O’ Roses and parachute games.


We will be learning about Christianity.


Please remember to label all uniform items. Check the weekly Friday letter for important notices, to find out what we have been learning in class and what we will be learning the following week.