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UNCRC Article 12
Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them and to have their views taken seriously.

Our School Council gives children a voice in how the school is run. Every term, each class from Year 2 (age 6-7) upwards elects a School Council member to represent their views in the Council. They meet together weekly with Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Kimber.

Matters affecting the school are discussed, such as ideas for playtime games and equipment, ideas for guest speakers in assembly, improvements to school dinners, suggestions for new

UNCRC Article 13

Every child must be free to say what they think and to seek and receive all kinds of information.

clubs and changes in the curriculum. School Council members hold weekly meetings in their classes to report on the meeting and consult with the children on any new ideas to take back to the Council the following week.

The class names were selected in this way and the key charities that the school supports each year are chosen through School Council.

Recently, school council has visited The Houses of Parliament and Wandsworth Council to find out more about how democracy works in Britain. 


School Council members Autumn 2016


Chair: Annie Pidgeon

Vice Chair: Zak Ali Adow

Secretary: Henry Olmi

Members: Henry Olmi, Zak Ali Adow (Yr 6), Annie Pidgeon, Maya Vyas (Yr 5), Iona Murray, Claudia Pereira (Yr 4), Kiki Moore, Freddie Cotgrove (Yr 3), Anna Burke, Marley Fearon (Yr 2)