PE & Sport Premium Funding

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Sports Premium

PE Premium funding 2018-19 to date


Budget: £19,080.

Sustainable CPD

The majority of our spending goes on CPD for teachers within curriculum time. A sports coach will either teach (and the teacher observes), team teach or observe the teacher through a 6 week block. The skills in this 6 week should be transferable across the curriculum.

Annual cost- £8,500.

Inspire days and clubs provision

We allocate some of our budget to ‘inspire’ days. These are designed to give children taster sessions into a sport, hopefully one they wouldn’t have much experience in.

If the children are interested they can join the club out of school and if there is sufficient interest we will look at running the club in school.

To date: lacrosse, skipping, tag rugby. More planned.

Annual Cost £5,200


A range of resources to boost PE across the school. New resources for the PE curriculum, new resources for clubs, new team kit, entry to sports competitions, transport to competitions, sports resource items for the playground, medals for intra-sport competitions.

Annual Cost £4,600

The remaining budget (approx £1000) is not allocated in order for flexibility within these areas or opportunities that come up through the year.