Reading Challenge & Birthday Books

At Allfarthing, we encourage children to read widely across a range of different book types which make them think and help to develop their language and their ideas. 

Early Years have chosen key books for Nursery and Reception children to read each year (4 for 4 and 5 for 5) The new House Reading Challenge books in KS1 and KS2 encourage children to  read and discuss texts which they might not otherwise choose. Some of the books are in the classrooms but children can also access them at the library or through sharing with friends.  They win house points and certificates for the books they read and are encouraged to make recommendations of their own to add to this list.

Here are the book lists:

Nursery                                    Year 3

Reception                                Year 4

Year 1                                        Year 5

Year 2                                        Year 6


As part of the Birthday Books initiative in KS1/2, it would be great for parents to choose books from these lists.

For children in Reception through to Year 2 we recommend parents use a website called 'Letters and Sounds Phonics' programme.   It has lessons for children to watch and ideas for parents to help their child with their phonics.

Whilst at school we remind the children to take advantage of the extensive library of books in our Reading Room, we hope that parents will reiterate this message at home and champion the use of our local Wandsworth Library too.