Religious Education (RE) at Allfarthing

Through our teaching we aim to help children to develop mutual tolerance and respect within a multi-faith country, as a fundamental British and universal value.

By exploring different faiths and religions, children have the opportunity to learn about and from a range of beliefs, values and traditions. They are encouraged to reflect on the spiritual, moral and cultural lives of people in a diverse society and to participate in thought provoking discussions about the big questions such as the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human.

RE is taught on a rolling programme over two years. Each term has two designated “RE days” which are dedicated to RE across the school. 


First Year:  

Second Year:



Each year group also has the opportunity to go on a trip to every year, so that all children have the opportunity to have first-hand experience of people of different faiths and the places in which they worship.