History is taught at Allfarthing as part of the topic curriculum.  Cross-curricular units are carefully planned to ensure the children are able to develop the skills and knowledge outlined in the national curriculum, but also to reflect the interests and values of the school community.  The children learn through a range of experiences including trips to local and national museums, historical sites of interest and workshops, as well as work in the classroom.  In addition to learning about British history and its influence on today’s British values, the children also study periods of history from around the world considering the significance of key events within a global context.

Through learning about a range of periods in history, the children are able to note connections, contrasts and trends over time.  There is an emphasis placed on the children developing skills which can be applied to a range of historical topics with a view to them becoming independent historians by the end of year 6.  They are encouraged to raise questions applying higher order thinking skills and to then research the answers to these questions using a range of sources (including various ICT resources).  They should consider carefully the validity of the sources they are using and then understand the importance of using evidence to support historical claims. The children are given opportunities to communicate their knowledge and understanding and construct informed responses in a variety of ways, such as debates, formal presentations and role play as well as written formats. 

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