We are keen to ensure that through our computing curriculum, we prepare children to participate effectively in a digital world. We are well resourced with laptops(Windows) and Ipads. The school building has wireless access, allowing greater opportunities to use the hardware across a range of subjects. We also work in partnership with City Learning Centre, so that we are always up to date with the cutting edge new technology, as well as the latest teaching methods and resources.

Children experience an exciting and rigorous curriculum that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by the technologically rich world we live in. They will learn how computers and computer systems work but also how they are designed and programmed. The children will gain an understanding of computational systems of all kinds and how they are used and applied in everyday life.

They will be taught to understand how algorithms are implemented as programmes, and will design and debug their own simple programmes.

They will be taught to use these technologies respectfully and safely, ensuring their personal information is kept private but also who to contact if they are concerned about content on the internet or social media.


The following link will take you to the government’s national curriculum for primary schools: