James HealeArticle Image


Member of all Committees

Declarations of interest – None

Other governorships – None





Aine Donegan

Acting Deputy Head

Declarations of interest - None

Other governorships - None



Katie ClarkArticle Image

Staff Governor
Term of Office – September 2021-2025
Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None


Hi, my name is Katie Clark and I have recently been appointed as staff governor. I am currently in my sixth year of teaching. I have been at Allfarthing for four years and I am currently teaching in Year 5. I have loved my time in Allfarthing so far and welcome this opportunity to become more involved its development and progress. Living near by, I have a good insight into the local community and look forward to developing this relationship as well.


Hannah SnashallArticle Image

Parent Governor

September 2019-2023

Chair of CFC Committee

Link Governor for English - incl writing

Declarations of interest – None



Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m really proud to be a Parent Governor at Allfarthing.  Our 3 children have been through the school and our youngest is now in year 5.  We feel so fortunate to have been able to send our children to such a wonderful, committed and supportive school.  I’ve always had a keen interest in education and have recently worked as a Teaching Assistant in another local primary school, which has helped me further understand the magnitude of what our school does each and every day for every child.  I hope that I can help in some small way to ensure that we are always striving to be better whilst recognising all that we do well, which is a lot! 

I have recently taken over from Alison Olmi as Chair of the CFC (Children, Families and Community) committee and hope to use my experience as a parent and previous Chair of the PTA to help me fulfil this role.


David Forbes

Parent GovernorArticle Image

September 2019-2023

Chair of Finance & Premises Committee

Link Governor for Maths

Declarations of interest – Director of Mitie Treasury Management Ltd, Mitie Holdings, Mitie Investments Ltd


Hi, I’m David Forbes.  I'm looking forward to contributing the experience I’ve built both professionally and as a parent to the school as a parent governor.  I have two children at Allfarthing School.  Our schools are an important part of the local community and fundamentally shape the future of our children – both in terms of the skills learned and the friendships built.  Allfarthing is one of the most positive schools in the area - the school encourages a love of learning and sets high expectations.



Lorraine Wait

Co-chair of Governors

LA Governor Article Image
Term of Office: July 2018-2022
Link Governor for Governor Induction & Staff Performance Management
Chair of Staffing Committee 
Member of Staffing and Finance & Premises Committees
Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None

Living close to Allfarthing school, I’m keen to support the staff and pupils in making it a great school community. I hope to use my 20+ years of professional HR experience to contribute to the governing of the school, through my role as Chair of the Staffing Committee.


Matt NewmanArticle Image

Associate Member
Term of Office – September 2021-2024

Link Governor for Reading
Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None


Hi, I'm Matt Newman. I'm a dad of 3 and all attend Allfarthing.  I was educated in south London state schools and I'm a passionate believer in the need for a high quality state education to drive equal opportunity. Education is a foundation upon which our children will build their lives, and I believe the challenge that state education must meet is to offer opportunity and excellence to everyone. School budgets are under increasing pressure though, so I hope to bring ideas, enthusiasm and the skills I have developed professionally as a lawyer to being a school parent governor, supporting the head and the teaching staff in the many challenges ahead as they strive to make Allfarthing the best school it can be.


Sasha RalphArticle Image

Parent Governor
Term of Office – Sept 2021-2025

Link Governor for Safeguarding
Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None


I have one child at Allfarthing School. Since moving to Wandsworth 4 years ago, we set our sights on joining Allfarthing and we have not been disappointed. I believe the school sees continuous progress in striving for excellence and I would like to support this wherever I can, as well as making a contribution toward providing a safe and welcoming school community.

I have worked in child protection for a number of years and my passion continues to be supporting our children to become the best version of themselves, to strengthen them as individuals and to empower them with education.


Rachel AmankwaArticle Image

Co-Opted Governor
Term of Office – September 2021-2025

Link Governor for Curriculum

Chair of Curriculum Committee

Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None


I transferred my children to this school because I truly believe in the school's motto of ' excellence for all', I believe in the school's faculty and the great community within the school and its surrounding and that is why the school needs good governors to facilitate communication between the groups. My six years as a governor at our former school in my view has given knowledge and experience to perform well in this role. This has helped me to understand how to bridge the gap between the constraints of the faculty and the demands of the community. I hope to able be serve this community and provide an environment that fosters 'excellence for all'.


James FrancisArticle Image

Co-Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor
Term of Office – Sept 2018 - 2022

Link Governor for Sport/PE Funding
Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None


As an Earlsfield resident for the last 6 years, I feel very much part of the local community. Local schools are one of the foundations of any community and this was one of the reasons I decided to become a school governor.

I joined the Governing Board in September 2018 and have been hugely impressed with the school and the environment and culture within it. I hope to use my skill-set as a solicitor to help Allfarthing continue its progression and development over the next four years.


Jon-Paul Brett

Co-opted GovernorArticle Image

Term of Office – Sept 2020 - 2024

Declarations of interest – None
Other governorships – None


I am proud to join Allfarthing as a school governor in one of the most challenging years for education and society.  I have been impressed by the progressive approach and vision of the school, and I very much look forward to contributing to the next chapter.  I bring a broad set of professional experience including business strategy, management and technology, which I hope will allow me to add value to Allfarthing over the next 4 years.


James CorryArticle Image

Parent Governor

Term of Office – Sept 2021 - 2025

Declarations of interest - None


As a resident of Earlsfield since 2013 I have witnessed first hand the community spirit that encompasses the area. Education and schooling are at the heart of the community and it’s a privilege to be entrusted with the future of Allfarthing School and the children’s well-being. With my son in Year 1 and my daughter due to start reception next year I am passionate about the continued improvement of the school and along with the head teacher, staff and governors we all strive for ‘outstanding’ recognition. Having held a governor role at another local school, in which I was Chair of Finance, I understand the budget tightening and difficulties involved in running a school. The key in my mind though is to have the children and staff at the center of any school decision. Strong morale and smiling children creates the right atmosphere for learning and developing. I strive in some small way to contribute to this ongoing culture.


How to contact the Governors 

If you would like to contact the governors directly please email Lorraine Wait or James Francis, both Co-chair of Governors, on governors@allfarthing.wandsworth.sch.uk